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Drag and Drop Components

Choose from over 30 different components to build your website with. We offer everything from responsive image galleries, to html 5 video players, it's all built in. We are constantly adding more and more components, no software updates to download, you get them as soon as they are live. You can add, edit and reposition components at anytime, giving you complete control over your website.


Custom Templates

We offer hundreds of templates to choose from, all of our templates can be customized, they are written in plain html, no special markup. Our templates use the twitter bootstrap framework which helps with grids and responsive content making it mobile friendly. If you are a complete beginner or a seasoned pro our system won't hold you back, you have complete control.

Mobile Friendly Responsive Sites

Works on multiple screen sizes such as laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Laptop with Jigsy website
Phone with Jigsy website
Tablet with Jigsy website

Custom Domains

Domain Search

With Jigsy you can register your own custom domain or if you already have one, you can use it with your Jigsy website. You won't have to transfer to us, we provide nameservers so you can manage the domain records with us but keep the domain registered elsewhere. When you sign up with Jigsy we provide you with a subdomain to get you started quickly.

Domain Search Results

If you don't have a domain registering one with us is easy, you can register a domain with any of our paid plans. Domains start at $12.00 USD a year and we offer free nameservers for external domains.

Striking Photo Galleries

Upload your photos and let the system do all the work, it's so easy.

Gallery Style 1
Gallery Style 2

Gallery Style 3
Gallery Style 4

Create Your Own Blog

Desk with Blog displayed on Monitor

If you love writing, you will love our blogging system, full control over the format of your blog posts, you can schedule posts for a later date. The system even has a built in auto save feature giving you peace of mind. Want your readers to follow along? The system generates an RSS feed which they can subscribe to. Readers can comment on your posts, and you can manage the comments in the admin.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is built into Jigsy, we offer beautiful semantic urls, page specific meta keywords and descriptions. Content is well structured for easy crawling by search engines. Tell search engines which pages to crawl using an auto generated sitemap. Easily add Google Analytics to your site to see how your website perfoms.

Search Results displayed in Browser

Built in Statistics

We provide built in statistics to help you monitor your traffic, view referrers, daily visitors, unique visitors and more. Statistics are available for our paid plans, it will allow you to review your history from one week to several years.


We make it easy to setup an online store using the Ecwid shopping cart system. Or, use our PayPal integration to have a shopping cart and "Buy it Now" buttons. Trying to raise money? We have donation buttons as well! Have stuff on eBay, or an eBay store? We've got that covered too, just add an eBay component to your page and it will stay up to date with your items on eBay.

Paypal, Ecwid, Ebay logos

And So Much More ...

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