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"I've tried many CMS and blog tools in the past and nothing comes close to the features and user experience that SiteFalcon offers. Besides having one of the easiest to use templating systems, SiteFalcon offers an entourage of components like the blog."

Roger Riche

"The simple user interface is actually fun to use and allows anyone to create a website intuitively; no web development knowledge is needed to get started."

Matt Hawes

"SiteFalcon is easy for beginners to use, but robust enough for professionals as well. I love creating themes in plain html and then editing them in WYSIWYG. I use it for my own blog on web design."

Shawn Adrian

"I've been looking for a publishing tool that my students can use as they carry out the results of a year-long study of democracy. I quickly discovered that SiteFalcon is the easy to use, full-featured, and smartly designed application I was looking for."

Michael Flower

"As a musician, establishing an online presence is important. SiteFalcon allows me to reach my goals by making it easy to maintain and update my website. Mahalo SiteFalcon!"

Jason Tom

"Finally a website builder that actually works easily and accurately! I’m still learning all the subtleties, but was able to get a basic site going immediately. It’s easy to navigate, and super-simple to upload images. Thanks for such a great service!"

Jim Wright

"I am so pleased with your service. Previously I had no experience whatsoever of building a website. I now have three sites connected with my account!"

Howard Carter

"I signed up for a few free trials from various site builders, and wound up choosing SiteFalcon because of the superior template styles and ease-of-use. I really love it! Thanks again for everything! "

Joseph Smith

"WOW, is all I can say. I'm so happy right now. You are going far beyond what I had even imagined. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My webpage looks great!"

Michael Jones

"Thank you SiteFalcon for probably THE best customer service I've ever had!!! Thanx too, for removing the knot in my stomach!"

Dusica Mladenovic

"I just wanted to thank you all for making such a wonderful and easy to use webpage developer. I've used several over the years, and I must say that SiteFalcon is the easiest by far, especially for simple, social outlets. Keep up the great work. "


"I’ve only discovered SiteFalcon today – but can already see it is simply a terrific and very easily learned service you offer."

Sherry Lowry

"We have built our website using your software and your team has been tremendously helpful in getting things up and going. We were impressed with your response time with every question that has come up!"

Keith & David

"I used SiteFalcon to build a fantastic website for our school fundraising auction. I am a COMPLETE novice in website building and in most things computer-related, but the website I built with SiteFalcon looks professional and attractive and is easily used by its visitors!

In addition to all this, the support I received from SiteFalcon when I had a question was quick, friendly and helpful. I kind of wish I had another website to build!"

Le Billington

"I just had to say how happy I am that I came upon your service. I’m no techie but I’ve found your software amazingly intuitive and powerful. I feel compelled to say thank you for the excellent service, it is very much appreciated – you cannot be matched!"

Michelle Landry

"I love your interface! I am a semi-webmaster who can write a little code and html but would rather not, your system is so easy it was a no brainer for my new site."

Shaun Knudsen

"What a refreshing experience of superb customer service! Your friendly help not only gave me the confidence that the problem would be sorted out but also contrasted greatly with other companies who adopt the attitude of 'tough luck' once they have your money.

With such a user friendly interface and the superb customer service when a problem occurs I will have no hesitation in recommending 'SiteFalcon' to anyone looking for an ease of use web builder."

Don Ford

"I've been wandering around in the 'website jungle' for years, I've signed up for many different web builders, built 'half a site' here and there... and last week i stumbled onto SiteFalcon! saved at last! This is by far the easiest, friendliest website builder I've ever experienced. my site was up and running in a half hour. thank you, cant wait to build, and actually finish many more sites...many thanks..."

Kris Costello

"First of all, let me say that the idea behind SiteFalcon is brilliant. But, as we all know, sometimes a brilliant idea is crushed by inefficiency, or ineptness. Fortunately, the very opposite is true of the staff of SiteFalcon.

Not only have they provided a wonderful opportunity to so many folks, but they have backed it with excellent customer service. And, as we all know, customer service is what *makes, or breaks* a business."

Diane Lee

"I just had to mention that the more I poke around in the SiteFalcon system,
the more I note it is ridiculously easy and has a great web interface
set up J I love the flexibility of all the options!"

Lisa Schroeder